Power your business to new heights with our award-winning digital marketing services. SEO Services Specialists will help you get found on the first page of Google. We offer a variety of SEO campaigns and packages that help websites increase organic search traffic and compete for 1st-page rankings of highly competitive keywords. Our Agency specialises in helping websites to rank high on Google and other Search Engines,  ultimately leading to more conversions and sales

SEO Packages, Services And Pricing

Are you struggling to drive customers to your site? Do you need to boost the website’s search engine visibility? Wanting to outshine your competitors? The perfect solution for all of the above problems is search engine optimisation (SEO) with a customized SEO kit from SEO Services Specialists.


$ 500 Per Month
  • Google My Business Page Setup
  • Local Business Citations
  • Sitemap Optimisation
  • Email Support


$ 799 Per Month
  • All of the Local SEO Options
  • On Page Optimisation
  • Off Page Optimisation
  • Schema Markup


$ 899 Per Month
  • Off Page Optimisation
  • On Page Optimisation
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analysis


$ 995 Per Month
  • Enhanced Off Page Optimisation
  • Enhanced On Page Optimisation
  • Enhanced Keyword Research
  • Enhanced Website Analysis


$ 1599 Per Month
  • Keywords Targeting
  • Enhanced Off Page Optimisation
  • Enhanced On Page Optimisation
  • Product Base e-Commerce SEO


$ 350 Per Month
  • Brand Awareness Boost
  • Targeted Social Media Postings
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • 3 unique Facebook posts per week


An overview of your on-site content to explain what fits best for you at the moment, where you might save time and money and how we feel you should start converting window shoppers into consumers who pay.


A thorough review of your website to ensure that search engines crawling or indexing your website have no hurdles. Our first chance to get a better understanding of your site's SEO strengths and disadvantages.


As you may be aware, the number of mobile searches is GOING THROUGH THE ROOF. Research shows, 58% of all searches carried out on Google are now performed via a mobile device. SEO Services Specialist will help you optimise your website for users on mobile phones and tablets



An exploration of what the clients (and prospective clients) are asking for. In your current keyword targeting, you will see the holes, how you do versus rivals and we will suggest a starting point for your on-page optimization approach.



Were you able to attract hundreds of visitors to the site, but find out that they don’t convert into clients or leads? Do you need to boost your conversation rates and returns on your marketing investments? Try SEO Services Specialists TODAY for a complete solution to the above.


SEO packages from SEO Services Specialists do not only boost the quality of the website traffic. They also raise business visibility, customer trust, buyer engagement, conversions, and the marketing dollars’ total return.

Yet we don’t believe in delivering options that are one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter.

We will work with you individually to decide the particular targets you have for your company when you choose an SEO online marketing kit, so we can accomplish them together.

Small-to-large sized companies can start to draw quality traffic to their websites within a month of hiring us, we have got the right SEO strategies for you! To learn more now, email us now!

"We get it, you want to speak directly to the source occasionally. To chat about our marketing services with a Digital Marketing Expert, feel free to email us:"

What do our Search Engine Optimisation Packages include? What are you getting from Us?

Our optimisation packages for search engines provide a full solution for SEO, providing you with:

  • Study keywords
  • Optimisation of keywords
  • Optimisation for Google My Company
  • Optimisation of the meta tag
  • Setup and traffic monitoring of Google Analytics
  • Setup of website sitemap
  • Custom Configuration 404 Page
  • Copywriting with SEO
  • Promotion of Material
  • Tracking Webphone Calls
  • Reporting every quarter
  • And many more
We make optimising your website and ranking in favourable search results simple with our turn-key monthly SEO bundles. Our straightforward pricing and quarterly reports also make it hassle-free to track your investment and performance.

What separates SEO Services Specialists from other agencies?

We have developed a series of SEO service bundles at SEO Services Specialists, which are independent from other agencies. As well as using established white-hat SEO tactics, our emphasis on custom solutions helps our seasoned team to bring meaningful and consistent outcomes to our customers. True and measurable outcomes are the utmost priority of our team.

We want to help grow your business. That’s why we would love to partner with your team to build a campaign that makes your business rank and deliver invaluable search results that can lead to phone calls, in-store visits, quotation requests, and transactions.

In the last five years alone, using this strategy, we have helped our clients raise more than £100 million in sales. Even better, we’ve produced more than 4.6 million eligible leads and more than 1.8 million phone calls for the businesses of our customers. As we are able to generate long-term results for your company, our SEO Service Specialists stand shoulders apart.

SEO Packages from SEO Services Specialists

So, you’ve read about Search Engine Optimisation and have seen the effect on your business targets and objectives. The effect being on the first-page placement of major search engines can have on your business. What now? Quarterly updates ongoing: Our team is involved in keeping you in the know. This is why, with our monthly SEO packets, we deliver quarterly monitoring. Keyword reports, monthly return on investment (ROI), traffic reporting, target reporting, and more can provide you with statistics. It can be hard to select an organisation that you can trust to deliver quality, however, the decision is simple with SEO Services Specialists. We recognise that every organisation is different, which is why we don’t do cookie-cutter promotions. Search engine optimisation packages from SEO Services Professionals offer value and they provide just what you need to get started, nurture the campaign, and keep it running long after initial success.
What are you getting from us?
  • Keyword analysis: To help you identify the right keywords for your campaign, we have key phrase research. To help your content draw the necessary leads, we’ll refine your campaign.
  • Set up Google Analytics: We want you to see how you are going with your campaign. With Google Analytics, our team will get you set up to track and control the success of your campaign. From image implementation and optimization to sitemap configuration, we do everything.
  • Quarterly updates ongoing: Our team is involved in keeping you in the know. This is why, with our monthly SEO packets, we deliver quarterly monitoring. Keyword reports, monthly return on investment (ROI), traffic reporting, target reporting, and more can provide you with statistics.
We know that your budget is important to you, so we are shaping our optimization bundle for search engines to provide services that get you the greatest value for your money. We customise packages individually and change rates to suit the services provided. Our team acknowledges that SEO is not a one-and-one kind of contract, but we are partnering with your company to create the right SEO campaign that delivers valuable results. For each client, our packages are individually generated. Any good idea begins with analysis, we assume. To build an SEO strategy exclusively tailored to your business, our expert SEO team analyses your priorities, rivals, website, budget, and industry. In addition, SEO is not a technique of “once and done” which means news would not be that way either. In each of our simple SEO kits, we integrate monthly maintenance. Search engine algorithms continuously change. We remain ahead of the curve at SEO Services Specialists. The Internet is our hobby, and we keep up to date with the industry on an ongoing basis. As insurance for you, think of SEO monthly maintenance. We’re there to ensure the scores do not decrease if the algorithm shifts. Not just that, but SEO requires building the website’s overall confidence over time by link building and content development, all of which are included in our SEO bundles for monthly maintenance.

According to Clutch, the industry's unbiased expert on search vendors, SEO Services Specialists is one of the fastest-growing SEO companies in the world for organic search engine optimisation.

SEO Services Experts offer bundles of SEO services that are assured to optimize your presence online.
But for that, you don’t have to just take our word. Clutch, the industry’s unbiased expert on search vendors, called SEO Services Specialists one of the fastest-growing SEO Companies in the world for organic search engine optimisation. Plus, you can read our customers’ rave reviews.

Pricing based on knowledge and experience

We think our consumers need a comprehensive list of what is included in our packages. No sliding scales, no secrets. Accurate SEO pricing, based on years of practice, for our Internet marketing services.
In search engine traffic, as well as conversion rates, our clients experience changes. As our professional team is second to none when it comes to getting the job done, our SEO pricing delivers a high degree of ROI. That’s why, unlike other agencies, we post our rates online. If you are ready to learn how a professional, experienced company’s SEO service packages can make a real difference and build real ROI for your business, contact us today for a free quote or continue reading for an SEO crash course!

Why invest in an SEO package?

Do you know that a search engine starts with 93% of all web experiences?

To find firms, records, and more, many individuals depend on search engines. You will help accelerate these contributions to your company by investing in a premium search engine optimisation (SEO) kit.

You can hear people tell you that investing in SEO is important, but why? SEO gives the organisation various advantages. Let’s look at 2 factors for investing in an SEO Strategy.

1.You gain your audience’s trust and authority

They are searching for trustworthy organisations or directories that can supply them with what they need as users perform searches. SEO means that at the proper moment, the content gets in front of the right people.

By boosting your content to the front page of reviews, SEO lets you win faith and authority. Given that 75 percent of users don’t go past the first results list, if you want to draw leads, it’s important if you’re on the first page.

Users believe that the right search results will be put first by Google.

When your organisation emerges at the top of the search pages, you build up your trust and authority. Users are assured that you have useful data that will support them.

It takes the organisation a long time to create trust and authority. When leads are ready for conversion, since they like you, they are more likely to prefer your company over the competition. It’s a perfect way for yourself to win conversions.

A favorable optimization kit for search engines from SEO Services Specialists will help you take full advantage of this advantage.

2. It’s cost-effective

71 percent of searches, according to a survey, result in a page-one organic click. This means that making your content turn up on page one of Google is incredibly significant – and that target is almost unattainable without an SEO campaign.