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We love these tools and use them everyday. Do you have tools that you love that you
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Keyword Research Tools

Here are the best tools for keyword research.


SEMRush is an awesome website research tool. You canvcheck search engine or PPC stats on any website, see your rankings, or your competitors rankings. I love using it for keyword jacking. Here are 2 ways you can use this
tool in just a few min:
1. Easy Wins Method: Put in your website URL. Under Organic Research on the left, click positions. See what you’re ranking for on page 2, re optimize your pages or add links (internal or external) to boost your rank.

2. Keyword Jacking Method: Get your competitors
domains and run a keyword report on them. Sort the
report by kw volume, jack their keywords and either
add them to your existing pages or build out new
pages. BOOM.


Quickest keyword tool ever! This will show strength values that come from majestic (TF & CF)  & Unique linking IPs for the top 10 results, as well as PR. Awesome.

You can use this in combination with all the keyword ideas you got from Semrush

Hoth keyword Research Tool

This is basically a free version of SEMRush – Just put in a seed keyword and it will give you all kinds of variations as well as traffic, CPC, and more

Uber Suggest

Similar to Ubersuggest, but with even more! You can use this to find out what kinds of questions people are search for

Answer The Public

Similar to Ubersuggest, but with even more! You can use this to find out what kinds of questions people are search for

Ahref keyword explorer

Ahrefs has come a long way and they just released their new keyword explorer. This has some interesting features that other tools don’t have like the “also rank for” feature

Another very popular keyword suggestion tool.

OnSite SEO Tools

Here are the best tools for OnPage SEO.

Yoast WordPress plugin

Great tool for optimizing your wordpress site

Hoth Free Seo Analyzer

Get a quick on page audit for your site, for free!

Google PageSpeed Insights

See how fast your website loads and how you can improve it.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

See if Google considers your website mobile friendly

Backlink Analysis Tools

You can check the backlinks of any site with these tools. I use them for all of the

1. Overview of what’s going on with a site (any anomalies etc)

2. Checking for over-optimization

3. Checking competitors to see if they have any good links or to replicate their links

4. Doing general research on domains
That all being said, these 3 tools do about the same thing but each one has strengths & weaknesses. Here’s what I think about all 3:


Best at catching backlinks. Most accurate checker.

Open Site Explorer.

Most commonly used statistics for judging website power or strength, however DA & PA metrics scale with spam so you really need to look at the actual backlinks too.


Best for determining websites trust / Strength.

MOZ Bulk Domain Checker for Google Docs.

Want to check a bulk group of domains? With this easy
tool, you can throw a bunch of domains into a Google doc
and quickly get the moz DA / PA for them

Link Building Tools

Here are some great link building tools.


I had to include this here because Ahrefs has stepped up so much in the last year. If I were to pick one tool, this might be it.

Guest Post Tracker

Need a huge list of guest post websites? This is it.

Ninja Outreach

Makes link outreach easy. You can search for influencers and reach out all in one tool.

Pitch Box

A very highly rated outreach tool. You can use this to score guest posts, submit to link roundups and more.

Link Building Services

Shameless Plug – If you just want someone to build links for you, we have it all.

Point Blank link building Strategies.

Not a tool, but an awesome resource with all kinds of link building strategies.

SEO Analytics & Tracking

Here are the best tools for keyword research.


Use this to track all your campaigns and get a detailed look at what’s going on with your visitors.

Google Analytics:

The grand standard. I just use it on all my money sites


A Google Analytics alternative.

Fresh Metrix (Rank Tracking) :

Easy rank tracking for national and down to the local level. You can start for free and they have plans all the way up to the thousands of keywords.

Serpbook (Rank Tracking):

Similar to serpfox but with nice white label and automated reporting.

Local Specific Tools

Here are the best tools for local SEO

WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder:

This is the industry standard tool and it’s awesome.
Basically, you can drop in your main kw and city, it will go
out and find your competitors and see what citations they
have, rank the citation sources by DA (Domain Authority)
and show you which ones you are missing. This is the
tool we use in HOTH Local.

Local SEO Checklist:

Nice and easy checklist to make sure you have the bases covered + more.

Rich Snippet Validator (Google):

Validate that rich snippets are working on your local site.

Schema Creator:

Creates microdata for your local site.

Local SEO Quick Check (Moz):

Quickly check where you stand with citations, duplicates, errors etc.

Free Review Montioring:

This will monitor your reviews, and you can track reviews of your competition.

Local Citation Audits & Custom Citation Building:

Doing local the right way. No cookie cutter solutions.
Every campaign is customized and researched. As close  to push-button local as you can get.

Citation Cleanup Service.

If you have incorrect or inconsistent citations, we’ll clean them up for you manually


Call tracking for SEO & PPC + Call scoring

Penalty Research

Here are the best tools for penalty research.

Panguin Tool

You can connect your Google Analytics account and it will display when google updates happened so you can see if drops in traffic match any Google updates

Ultimate Guide to Google Update History

All of the Google updates + what really happened + case

Removeem Anchor Text Over Optimization Checker

You can check to see if you’re over optimized for any of your anchors.

Link Research Tools

The industry standard in checking for toxic links. Be
careful though, this tool likes to classify links as toxic
even if they are not. Use this as a baseline but judge each
link individually